Love – in its purest form

personified as you


The waves keep rising

and no more words come

They get swept away in silence

trapped in the depths

circle around the feeling


And what words can contain

the oceans that you have sailed

and still swim?

What words can contain the life

that you inspire?


The waves keep rising

and no more words come

swept away in silence

trapped in the depths

the feeling remains


Love in its purest form

personified as you.


(c) Priyesha K. Nair



Thirteen years ago, seems like in another life, another time, another me was alive – and you loved me.   Indifferent – she called you imaginary and tried to erase what’s left of you in me Failing which she locked herself in a mirrored room   I can’t remember what you sounded like anymore. Or […]

Stuck in a Gyre


I stood inside the tower
and watched you raise
the sea. You built walls
of it around yourself in
your desire to be free.

What could you hear then,
the silence or the crowd?
No call could ever reach you
No cry was ever so loud.

I have my own walls too
that no one could ever climb
I live there with the ghosts
lost and found in time.

I am the lonely tower
you are the raging sea
Your walls of fury rise
and fall and crash against me

Priyesha K. Nair


In what you thought of me
or what I thought of you
words stumbled and fell
time lost its place
and many things broke
what happened 
left our dreams scarred
They’re still unattended,
they still bleed
and you accuse me
bathe me in their blood
cup it in your hands
and splash it on my face
It stains my skin
If only i could find my voice
If only you would listen
I am not why you
lost your innocence, your wings

The Dark

We wrestle to drive
out the darkness in
the other, but forget
what drives it in us.

It is in the dark that
we found each other
and now, I dream of
you often, stranger.
I dream of the love
and the light within

My dark passenger,
reaching out to yours.

For My Father, Hidden In The Stars


Is that you up there?

Weaving celestial spheres, 

rolling balls  of fire into their

rightful  places so they’d shine 

brighter than ever before. 

Do you remember the night

when you pointed  out the

brightest star  in the sky and

named it after me? 

I need you here to tell me it still

exists, that it did not shed its

layers one by one and dive into

the oblivion  

You’ve been gone for long now

and I can’t keep track of the stars 


© P.K.