Awakened by the dead


I am at work, my cell phone which had been switched off before work as it is everyday rings all of a sudden. Mindlessly I walk out of work early and half way through i realise that i am still supposed to be at work, i return only to find the place wrecked and like ruins. There’s food being cooked, like it is in a marriage or when someone dies!!! Dinner is on the house says a familiar voice, i cannot see the persons face, only a figure which is blurred. I try to return to my desk but there are so many people, so much noise. They are singing, no! they are chanting something that i cannot follow. Come and eat he says, i still cannot see his face clearly and when i do its an unfamiliar one. The voice still makes me say that i know this person or he sounds like him, whom? i still cannot recognise. All of a sudden, before my eyes the face changes into a lady dressed in white staring at me with cold dark eyes, the food in my plate has vanished and all i see is dark water. The doors start swinging, its as if the world around me is spinning and all of a sudden i am with a friend in a perfect quite room. Even in his warm embrace i can feel the cold eyes set on me. We walk out of the room, which in turn shows different colours and faces. We walk and walk and walk, but the faces, the cold stares are everywhere.

Yes, it has happened again and that is the cause of me being up at 4 am in the morning and writing this. I used to be pretty happy to be sleeping alone at nights,up in the cosy place i turned into my bedroom and i have been enjoying it for the last one and a half year except for these last six months. All of a sudden my sleep is disturbed by ghosts. I see people i have never seen before, never known in my life and places i cannot expect myself to be in considering my present conditions. Ruins, dead cold eyes staring right into mine, not harming just trying to make me realise their presence.

So why write a blog? well for so long i thought it was only a phase but it doesn’t seem to end and i don’t know what to do.


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